Combine Holidays with Minimally Invasive Treatments

Rhodes is world known touristic destination. Every year thousands of tourist choose Rhodes as a place they can relax and recuperate. The available options for relaxing here are endless. From just enjoying the blue clear waters to scuba diving. From walking in the old medieval part of the town to rock climbing. The weather is mild throughout the winter and relatively hot during summer. There are plenty of small islands around so island hooping is quite common.

In this relaxing atmosphere what better option than to rejuvenate your face with a minimal treatment? After a stressful winter a rejuvenating summer for both body and soul!! We offer treatments with minimal downtime, reasonable price and gratifying results.


Botox is a treatment that needs no explanations as its the number one cosmetic treatment worldwide. By reducing the expression lines on the glabella (when you frown), on the forehead (when you show surprise) and on the side of the eyes (crows feet , when you smile) you will look well rested when you return home.

Hyalouronic Acid (HA)

Hyalouronic Acid (HA) is a filler. Its the safest option for treating the nasolabial folds, for augmenting the zygoma and for reshdaping the lips. The extensive use of HA the last 10 years has be proven safe with minimal adverse effects. I always aim for natural results. I want you to return home looking a rejuvenated yourself not a deformed yourself.


Mesotherapy is a rejuvenation treatment that targets the quality of your skin. After the harshness of the winter its a great option to recover. It can be either the injection of hyalouronic acid combined with vitamins or the use of your own blood by extraction of the platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Achieve the appearance you have always wanted. Whether you are insecure about the lack of volume in your breasts or the excess of volume around your abdomen, Dr. Papatheodorakis can recommend the right plastic surgery solution to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own body.

Dr. F. Papatheodorakis

plastic and aesthetic surgeon
board certified



43 Lemesou Street, Rhodes

85133 Greece

phone +306944370011

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