If you happen to be among friends and you mention the word abdominoplasty I am sure you will get a lot of scared looks. This happens because abdominoplasty has a really bad reputation both among patients and doctors. It's considered to be a painful operation, with ugly scars and lots of postoperative complications. One also important thing to consider is the fact that most of the times patients had to separate abdominoplasty surgery from other surgeries thus raising the cost and the time for recovery.

All these problems are addressed by lipoabdominoplasty, a combination of abdominoplasty and liposuction. Let me explain everything you need to know about lipoabdominoplasty. The last few years the advent of technology along with better understanding of abdominal anatomy has allowed us surgeons to change the way we approach the waist area. You see while most patients complain about the loose abdominal skin, they don’t realize that unless you treat the whole waist as a whole you will never get the best possible shape.

My personal approach to treating loose abdominal skin either from pregnancy-ies or weight loss is to educate my patients about the major difference that lipoabdominoplasty can do to their body compared to the traditional one. In lipoabdominoplasty firstly I treat the flanks of my patients by doing Vaser liposuction. Quite often the fat that is extracted is grafted to the buttocks in order to enhance the curvature of the back. It's amazing that most of us tend to forget the importance of the back view and just focus on how the front looks. The procedure proceeds with liposuction of the abdomen. By using ultrasound (Vaser) we can reshape and safely sculpt the abdomen before we go ahead with the abdominoplasty surgery procedure. The advantage of Vaser is the emulsification of fat.

To put it simply, it melts the fat without affecting the surrounding tissues and therefore allows the easier and safer removal by the liposuction cannulas. Treating the abdominal fat is the major difference between lipoabdominoplasty and the traditional approach. The skin that will be left behind after the excision will be better toned and significantly thinner. With the skin being more pliable, more easy to handle there is less tension at the incision site. That leads to better scaring. The abdominoplasty incision is placed really low on the pubic hair. It can lie there hidden, inside the bath wear or underwear.

The abdominal muscles that during pregnancy-ies get stretched and loose are tightened with sutures. That means that when the patient bends after surgery there will no longer form any pleats.The umbilical stalk is isolated and inserted in a new position. A special garment is used on every patient. Usually there is a two day stay at the hospital. During this stay the patient mobilizes, in order to get ready to return home. One can expect a ten day recovery period with gradual improvement in all aspects of everyday life. I would advice everybody to plan their surgery well, because they may need up to fifteen days before they can get back to work.

When will you have the final results of Abdominoplasty surgery?

The final result will show in the next 3-6 months. That’s because you need to remember that all liposuction surgery is followed by edema (swelling). As it settles down fine lines will be revealed and a thin abdominal wall will be evident. Abdominoplasty surgery, especially lipoabdominoplasty is an operation that changes the way your waist looks indefinitely. As long as you keep a healthy diet and lifestyle the results will last forever. If a patient gains a lot of weight the shape will not change but the volume will unfortunately grow. You must always remember that part of what consists our belly is intra-abdominal fat which can not be treated surgically, it is strongly affected by diet. Please book an appointment now and talk to the doctor FilGood!

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