Breast augmentations are often requested by patients with volume loss after pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss or because they lack the size and shape to their breast to start with. A breast augmentation will enhance and enlarge the size and projection to your breast through the use of breast implants. Most women seeking a breast augmentation are looking for a natural, youthfully shaped breast size similar to the appearance they had when they were younger. Other women seek a breast augmentation to achieve a “fuller” breast (i.e. a push-up bra look, minus the push-up bra). No matter what group a patient falls into when seeking out breast augmentation, each procedure needs to take into account a patient’s specific desires, body and current breast shape.


Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, will reduce the size of your breast, and lift your breast. Patients undergoing breast reduction surgery seek relief of their long-standing symptoms related to their large and heavy breasts. Not only are patients affected by their shoulder and back pain, they are often limited in their physical, daily, and social activities, even not feeling confident when they are with their partners. A breast reduction procedure, will make your breasts more proportionate to your body, improving your appearance, while also alleviating the emotional and physical load of large, heavy breasts.

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Breast lifts are often requested by patients after weight loss, breast feeding, age-related progressing breast sagginess, or because of poor connective tissue strength. A breast lift, or also called mastopexy, corrects ptosis (sagging/drooping) of the breast. Most women seeking a breast lift are looking for natural, youthfully shaped, and appropriately sized breasts, which are similar in shape and appearance to what they used to have when they were younger, or before pregnancy. Although the cup size of your breast will not change (unless you request this) your breast shape, and its enhanced projection will make it appear more youthful. A breast lift can either be performed as a single procedure or in combination with a breast reduction or breast augmentation.

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