Flying to plastic surgery clinic

In the field of aesthetics one major change the last 10-15 years is the amazing rise in popularity and at the same time availability for surgery. Its not just for the ones that are reach or have plenty of time to recover.

Its easy to do at a reasonable cost with minimal in most cases downtime. As our planet is getting smaller through airplane travel and easy to discover through internet explosion, it makes sence that people seek Plastic Surgery abroad. Why abroad? Some people want privacy during their recovery, want specialized care or a better price.In Rhodes we offer a little bit of everything. Rhodes a world famous touristic destination is ideal for recovery, whether you choose a hotel or a villa. Its easy to get here with multiple of flights. Rhodians are known for their hospitality.

In my practice we offer procedures that we consider we are good at. We don’ t believe in do it all and do everything a patient wants. You choose us but we choose you as well. Good results come only when both parties -surgeon and patient- have common goals.

Finally we do offer a better price from most European Countries and at the same time operate under the strict European Union guidelines. Why we can travel for surgery? Are we the cheapest price you can find?

Certainly not but when you think of having plastic surgery price is one of many factors to consider. The best example is breast implants. You can find real cheap ones but let me remind you the PIP scandal. In UK there is an estimation of 15000 PIP implants, in Greece we know that ONE surgeon used 40 implants. I since day one of my practice only use FDA approved materials or therapies and that is not something without cost. That extra cost “pays” later when you don’ t “worry” about whats in you.

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