Liposuction surgery is one related with many myths. It will sound strange but I want like to first say to you what liposuction is not! Its not a solution for weight loss! Its also isn’t a quick fix for a sudden weight gain. It doesn’t mean that if you have liposuction , you will be able to eat whatever you want for the rest of your life. But what actually can liposuction do?

Liposuction surgery is a the surgical removal of fat from the body. It is a common operation. It is an operation that the last few years has significantly changed. The advent of technology was  really a game changer. It affected all aspects of surgery, both the efficiency of us surgeons and  patient recovery. There is a major shift from just removing fat to reshaping the body.

My personal preference for liposuction is the use of Vaser. Vaser is a third generation ultrasound generator. It is quite different from previous efforts of technology insertion in the surgical procedure. Without going in to deep technical details, the ultrasound produced by Vaser, creates bubbles inside the fat deposits. If you imagine the fat is arranged in clusters like grapes connected to each other, the bubbles cause a separation to individual fat cells like a single grape.

This is very useful as it is easier and safer for the fat to be removed. The surrounding tissues are not affected, so when fat is removed the network of connecting tissue that supports the skin, drops down, therefore skin shrinks which is what both surgeons and patient want. Safer removal also means a more aggressive approach from the surgeons part. Lines can be better contoured and what better example than this than Vaser 4D. An added benefit of Vaser is that the fat extracted is viable allowing for reliable fat grafting, enhancing our body contouring abilities.

When liposuction is planned we all need to think about reshaping the body, not just defatting local fat deposits. Fat grafting is a necessity if you want to forever change your body, therefore its something that you need to consider. I usually perform liposuction under epidural anesthesia. The advantage is that not only the patient feels no pain at all but also the patient can move in any position necessary for better extraction and grafting.

The patient will wear a special garment afterwards. One month is needed as minimum but in general I advice my patients to wear the garment for a few hours a day for 3 months in total. Final results will show in 3-6 months. You can expect return to your everyday life in 1-3 weeks depending on the areas treated.

Patients are worried what will happen if they gain weight. Fat cells grow when we gain weight so you would expect a proportional grow in all areas of your body. The areas we treat will not grow the way they would otherwise.

Having liposuction will never be an excuse for wrong diet or luck of exercise. On the other hand liposuction is the only way to treat unwanted fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise.

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