Massive Weight Loss

Massive Weight Loss

Obesity is considered an epidemic for first world citizens according to World Health Organization. Social habits, fast food, anxiety are all related with weight gain. The good news though are that there is a change in this trend. Diet and exercise habits are on the rise.

A lot of people these days try hard to loose weight not for just “showing” good but for “feeling” good. Its common knowledge that having optimal weight significantly improves our health. Obesity is related with all forms of negative influence on our health, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint degeneration, being just a few.
An add-on to fighting obesity other than diet and exercise is obesity surgery. Obesity surgery is a part of general surgery specialty that helps really obese people lose weight. There have many improvements recently on that field to ensure safety for patients health and also effectiveness on weight loss. The goal here is to lose weight but at the same time keep the patient safe and healthy. Weight loss must be steady and gradual. Surgery must help patients maintain their weight balanced once weight loss is completed.
Plastic surgery should never be considered as a weight loss surgery.

Although plastic surgery has been promoted as motivating people to lose weight by seeing their improved shape, this doesn’t outweigh the risks on going for surgery obese. Wound healing problems statistically double when surgery is performed on obese people. Us plastic surgeons can alter your shape once your goal is accomplished but can not help with weight loss.
Being overweight stretches your skin. Its understandable that when you lose your extra weight , the skin will shrink. How good your skin shrinks depends on your own body individual characteristics. As a general rule the younger the patient and the less weight lost will lead to more skin reduction.

The sad truth is that most obese patients will eventually need some form of restorative plastic surgery in order to reshape. For a few patients plastic surgery is necessary not only for cosmesis but also for functional reasons as sometimes loose hanging skin can produce rush or irritation.
In order to start thinking about restoring your body’s shape, certain conditions must be met. Weight loss should be complete and if possible you should have a stable weight for at least 3 months. The reason is that you must make sure you are not going back and forth with your weight, that you have shifted not only physically but also mentally to a healthy living.

Your skin will also need some time after weight loss completetion to auto-adjust without surgical intervention. That will make future surgery more precise. Smoking is an absolute contraindication for excisional surgery as it negatively affects wound healing. 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery smoking must be stopped. Being healthy and having adequate recovery time is also something you have to think before commencing to surgery.
When massive weight loss first contact me about restoring their body from, they are anxious about multiple surgeries, about priorityzation of surgeries. We need to from a plan that will be bsaed on your individual needs.

There is no strict guide on what surgery we perform first. Your own wishes must be taken to account. Your personal preference on what annoys you most is crucial on creating a guide to surgery-ies.

Usually not all surgery can be performed at once. Priority is given on areas that bother patients most. Options include , circumeferential body contouring with abdominplasty and buttock auto-augmentation, thigh lift, back lift, arm re-contouring and ofcourse chest re-shaping.

Not everybody fits in one plan. Stagged approache can be safe and at the same time allows patients to deal with all collateral issues like recovery, family and occupational needs and financial issues.

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