Mommy make over


Having a child is probably the most fascinating experience for every human being. Babies bring positive energy to every member of the family. For some women though pregnancy-ies can deform or deshape their body.

The abdominal muscles can be stretched and loose, skin maybe in excess, the breasts are usually also affected. Mommy make over is the sum up of what we do in order to reshape your body to the post pregnancy status. Its a combination of operations that when certain conditions are met can restore what proper diet and frequent exercise can not achieve.

When we think about “mommy makeover” we have to solve an equation. It requires what you consider as a problem, how you prioritize areas on your body, your family status, your occupation. And of course where you start from. Mommy makeover is not for getting away with diet, its not a substitute for weight loss necessity.

Today better surgical practice allows for multiple interventions at once without increase of complications. This means that patients can choose to treat many areas of concern at once at a lower cost and with just one recovery time off. The two main areas that most women worry about are the breast and the waist area.

Breast shape after childbirth

Women are always concerned about how breast feeding alters the breast volume and shape. Breast feeding is an amazing gift from mother to the baby. If a woman can breast feed she should do it without any second thoughts. Breast alterations post pregnancy start during pregnancy.

The breast gland becomes enlarged as it prepares for breast feeding. Following birth the gland will decrease in size if the woman doesn’t breast feed or will decrease after the end of breast feeding. That certainly affects the surrounding skin creating laxity and therefore ptosis. Many times a breast lift is needed to restore the breast deformation. An implant often must also be used. For more information on the operation you can read here.

The waist area will be best treated by the lipoabdominoplasty approach. The waist area must be considered as combination of front and back intervention as that’s the only way to reshape your body. During that wholistic approach we treat the abdominal muscle laxity, skin and fat redundancy and we reshape your back view.

While it may sound like I am repeating myself I will never stop emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise. Its important to have realistic expectations. Its as important to plan wisely. Safety is important. Family coordination even more.

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