Philosophy of Plastic Surgery Clinic

A difficult task for every patient is choosing the right surgeon. In the old days “word of mouth” was the way to go. Asking around, friends and family, was always the only choice. But in modern times it goes for all of us, that when we “google” a search , we usually end up with myriad results. When it comes to plastic surgery this can be really confusing.

I will give you an example. Lets say you look for breast augmentation. You will be bombarded with information that’s very often confusing. “Under the muscle” under the fascia” over the muscle” “dual plain” “round or anatomical implants” and so on. You will be informed on “new” techniques, on “painless” surgery , on “next day recovery”. We surgeons quite often have a “god” like approach and claim they “know” the best thing for you.

In my mind there is never a “unique” approach for all patients but there is a “best” approach for each patient. And by using the word “best” I mean either the best result or the best available option for a descend result. My approach to your treatment can only be based on a combination of your desires and your anatomy. Sometimes our anatomy can put a stop to our desires and other times it can boost the results to maximum.

So going back to our example a breast augmentation must be tailored according to your desires and your anatomy. Only then we together set a surgical plan that will guide you to a good, predictable result. Photographs and Skype consultation can be educational for you even if you don’t choose me as your surgeon. The two things I can promise is honesty in our communication and best effort throughout your surgery.

Patients need to understand that despite the general belief that medicine and plastic surgery in particular occasion is not an exact science. During surgical planning we surgeons and patients together face a lot of choices and dilemmas. Quite often the final decision is a compromise.

What we all tend to forget is “mother nature” that affects every aspect of the procedure, especially the recovery. I emphasize to my patients that they need time to recover. Time from work or family responsibilities also reduces post-surgical stress. Piece of mind is an important factor in recovery.

Good results are always based on good patient-doctor communication, optimal surgical plan design and time to recover. Never approach any form of surgery as a quick fix. Aesthetic surgery is not an emergency on the contrary its voluntary so you have to carefully plan your every step.

When patients visit a plastic surgeon usually they bring along the latest “fad” they heard on media. I choose well-documented methods instead of “hype”. That doesn’ t mean I am not using the latest technology on the contrary. But I only incorporate best practices that have actual proof that they work.

I am not the surgeon who will operate on everybody or do anything. If what you ask is beyond my expertise I will help find the right surgeon. If i don’ t think surgery is the way to go, I will let you clearly know that. Sometimes people need to follow a healthy diet or do a lot of exercise instead of liposuction for example.

My own personal preference certainly influences my judgement. I believe in natural, soft looks. I understand that not all patients share my views on the aesthetic, and I will not go ahead with any surgery, unless we have agreed on what is appropriate.

When we decide to go for surgery we commit to relationship that needs to be long lasting. That will be for both our benefit. Often I hear patients operated at other clinics complain that the result was not as expected. For me that is totally unacceptable. Therefore, I will explain the impact and consequences of every decision we take together. I will keep in touch with You to make sure that You know exactly what expectations are realistic to have.

In some ways, choosing a plastic surgeon is a bit like choosing partners. There must be a good personal chemistry and You have to share certain values. By telling You a little bit about myself and my thoughts, I hope that You can more easily determine if we are a good match as a doctor/patient.

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