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What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. Aesthetic surgery is the part of Plastic Surgery in which the principal purpose is to improve the appearance.

Our look is important

Many people , or to be honest almost everybody have a body feature that they would like to improve. They may think their nose is big, their body disproportionate, their breast unattractive, their face aged and so on… That doesn’t mean they are not normal, or they have a mental disorder. Wanting to change your looks to be more proportional is something that relates to very ancient genes that relate with “nature choice”, but that’s a discussion we will go into some other time….

Every year thousands of people visit plastic surgeons around the world to find out whether their need of change make sense and is doable. About half of them will finally choose to undergo a plastic surgery procedure and one third will do another one in the near future.

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Face facial surgery

In my practice as a plastic surgeon, we try to offer an outstanding service, a great experience. I don’t believe that surgeons should or have to operate…

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Breast is an essential element of sexuality for every woman. So any variant that affects a woman’s vision of what is beautiful and sensual can make her interested in restoring it…

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Body contouring is a term that encompasses so many different modalities and operations that quite often patients get confused. In my mind its every effort to change…

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Why to Choose Dr. Filgood for your next Plastic Surgery?

Our experience in facial plastic surgery and in very specialized body surgeries such as the Vaser techniques is one of our pros.

Moreover you may choose dr. Filgood:
  1. Because dr.Filgood and his team of expert doctors use only the least painful procedures
  2. Because you can combine your next plastic surgery or makeover with a trip to Rhodes for vacation
  3. Because we have the best aesthetic effect as you can see in our before and after gallery
  4. Because we are taking care of our patients for more than 20 years
  5. Because we have special plans tailor made for patients abroad and escpecially from UK

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