There is never a “unique” approach for all patients but there is a “best” approach for each patient.

Dr. F. Papatheodorakis has been delivering life-changing results to countless delighted patients since 2003.Providing the latest face, breast, body contouring and hand procedures as well as nonsurgical treatments.

Ensuring you only receive the absolute best in skill and satisfaction. Always.

We offer the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it.

Dr. Papatheodorakis is Board-certified with years of skill and experience in greece plastic surgery.

After his studies of Medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he graduated in 1993 with honors, he was priviliged to complete his plastic surgical experiences with ISAPS.

Dr. Papatheodorakis spent more than one year in the United Kingdom, where he was resident at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. During that time, he developed a love for teaching young plastic surgeons and started in 2003 to educate many Doctors in Greece and Middle East.

The draw of private practice was, however, strong and he left Queen Victoria Hospital to start his own practice in Rhodes and Kos. Over all Dr. Papatheodorakis motivation is driven by one vision.

Board Certified

Because regulations, training and certification processes vary among countries, ISAPS developed a standardized screening process to ensure members are trained, experienced and qualified.



Vaser 4D is a similar form of fat removal and body sculpting procedure to Vaser High Definition. However, this specialised 4D technique provides the added benefit of following the natural movement of your muscles to create a 4D effect in order to achieve optimum, natural looking results.

It is a more gentle and precise form of fat removal than other traditional liposuction techniques, minimising bruising and downtime. Vaser 4D works perfectly to tackle localised stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise alone have failed to remove.


Breast augmentations are often requested by patients with volume loss after pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss or because they lack the size and shape to their breast to start with. A breast augmentation will enhance and enlarge the size and projection to your breast through the use of breast implants.


As the face ages, gravity’s effects become more obvious. The earliest apparent change is loss of the cervical mental angle, the angle formed by the neck and lower jaw. As the neck skin becomes lax, it sags and gradually obliterates the youthful sharp angle. This condition generally has three components: a laxity of skin, a laxity of the underlying muscles (particularly the platysma muscles) and an accumulation of fat. Lax platysma muscles cause the bands in the front portion of the neck that often are seen in older persons. In the upper portion of the face along the jaw line, excess skin creates jowls. These jowls may be characterized by fat deposits. The folds that run from the nose to the jaw (nasolabial folds) also become more accentuated with age.


The goal of body contouring surgery is to optimize shape in specific areas and to create a proportionally and aesthetic balance in the appearance of your body. Often there are areas where fat deposits gravitate, which are resistant to diet and exercise. Getting rid of these abnormal contours can be frustrating. Pregnancy, also may change the body’s physique post partum, and permanently if not treated. Additionally, many note that after massive weight loss, frequently one is faced with excess lax skin in addition to resistant fat deposits, which distort your normal appearance. Each of these situations will benefit from an individualized body contouring treatment plan.

Dr. F. Papatheodorakis

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